Sept 2012: Thank you so much for providing divers education to my two children. I have already referred friends to your program so that you may assist their children as well. Emma F.

Posted By : Emma F.

June 2012: Coach Butler was awesome! Pat D.

Posted By : Pat D.

Jan 2011: Great company – will certainly recommend you to others. Nancy S.

Posted By : Nancy S.

July 2012: Thank you for the attention to details. Great experience. Andrew B.

Posted By : Andrew B.

Dec 2011: Staff was so helpful. Kenneth J.

Posted By : Kenneth J.

Dec 2011: Great experience. Will bring my daughter to you next year. Frank R.

Posted By : Frank R.

Dec 2011: Very pleased. Two teens licensed with your help! Devon T.

Posted By : Devon T.

Dec 2011: Mrs. Stone was a great instructor. I got a perfect score! Lex W.

Posted By : Lex W.

Oct 2011: Great job – thanks! George B.

Posted By : George B.

Oct 2011: Mr. Robert was funny in class and Coach Butler was an amazing instructor. Ariel Z.

Posted By : Ariel Z.

Jan 2012. Have used Advantage Driving for 3 children and appreciate the secure and friendly environment. Cindy H.

Posted By : Cindy H.

Sept 2011: Excellent in all areas. Wes J.

Posted By : Wes J.

Aug 2011: Two children have attended Advantage Driving. Mary B.

Posted By : Mary B.

Aug 2011: Coach Butler was awesome! Zach T.

Posted By : Zach T.

July 2011: We have used you for our 3 sons! Chris B.

Posted By : Chris B.

Feb 2012: Robert took my test today and passed! I couldn’t have done it without your help! Sam W.

Posted By : Sam W.

Aug 2011: We have recommended you! Scott P.

Posted By : Scott P.

Aug 2011: Great instructions for both of my children. Michael S.

Posted By : Michael S.

Jan 2011: Mrs. Stone is a very good instructor and helped me learn everything I needed to know. Taylor Q.

Posted By : Taylor Q.

Dec 2011: What a wonderful drivers ed program. I will recommend Advantage Driving to everyone. Tony Mims is a top notch instructor! Clare E.

Posted By : Clare E.

Sept 2011: We have used Advantage Driving for both of our daughters and could not have been more pleased! Jordan G

Posted By : Jordan G.

 Jun 2011: Thanks for helping! Ryan B.

Posted By : Ryan B.

 Apr 2011: Had a wonderful experience. Danielle K.

Posted By : Danielle K.

 Mar 2011: We have recommended you! Abby R.

Posted By : Abby R.

 Dec 2010: Coach Mims was very helpful. Jacob H.

Posted By : Jacob H.

 Mar 2011: Second time using Advantage – very satisfied. Thomas P.

Posted By : Thomas P.

 Jan 2011: Very pleasant experience! Tiara F.

Posted By : Tiara F.

 Dec 2010: My son enjoyed his driving experience and it was beneficial. Charles K.

Posted By : Charles K.

 Nov 2010: Great job – thank you. I passed the test! Tim F.

Posted By : Tim F.

 Oct 2010: Course and instructor excellent. Dylan E.

Posted By : Dylan E.

Jan 2011: I have already recommended Advantage Driving to friends. Kathy G. 

Posted By : Kathy G.

 Dec 2010: We will see you again in a few months with our son! David D.

Posted By : David D.

 Nov 2010: My driving instructor was very helpful in preparing me for the road test. Mollie B.

Posted By : Mollie B.


By Emma F.

Sept 2012: Thank you so much for providing divers education to my two children. I have already re

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